Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) and Report Designer Manipulation with Parameters

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I've been trying to tackle the following issue in Pentaho BI suite:

I have a data integration step that returns a column with n values. I want to pipe that data integration into pentaho report designer and pass that column as a parameter. I then want to convert that column into an array of all string values in the column so that I can pass it as a parameter into another data transformation.

Here is the example. Assume that the first transformation returned the following column


What I am looking to to is to transform this result into array ['abc','edf','hig']. To do so I assign hidden String parameter event inside report-designer to this column. Then keeping in mind that I want a single array object I created second hidden parameter Object output with the postprocessing formula =CSVARRAY([event];0;",";). Now if I pass my second parameter output to the second transformation, which is a cassandra input, I get empty result back.

Could anyone suggest a good solution?

Thank you!

March 7, 2013, 10:56 pm notrockstar on StackOverflow
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